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Kiddles Coaches Ltd (Peterborough) - 19 Seater MERCEDES
19 Seater MERCEDES

The 19 seater executive coaches in the fleet come with reclining leather seats and air conditioning ...

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Kiddles Coaches Ltd (Peterborough) - 53 Seater VOLVO SC7
53 Seater VOLVO SC7

Part of the Kiddles Coaches corporate "Elite Fleet" is the fleet of full size Volvo SC7's coaches co...

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Kiddles Coaches Ltd (Peterborough) - 59 Seater VOLVO
59 Seater VOLVO

This is our ideal high capacity coach for your economy. 59 seats without WC but still got the 21st c...

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Kiddles Coaches Ltd (Peterborough) - 72 Seater VOLVO SB3
72 Seater VOLVO SB3

The perfect vehicle for high capacity trips for schools! Our 72 seater coach is all on one deck so t...

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